About Vertex


Although Vertex’s core services focus on industrial automation, the company’s business is much wider, namely to develop and implement technically advanced solutions for difficult problems and needs of clients. We specialise in the following:

  • Process conceptualisation and development.
  • Design and construction of special purpose machinery that is tailor-made for customer needs.
  • Automation of industrial processes ( the engineering and implementation of the latest automation and control technologies based on PLC, SCADA and MES technology).
  • Robotics and control systems (including panel building and programming): design and production for a wide variety of applications.
  • Plant installation.
  • Plant maintenance, with a specific emphasis on the maintenance of high-tech machines and equipment.
  • Design and manufacturing of specialised components that require uncommon designs or manufacturing techniques.
  • Technical consultation and specialised engineering solutions.
  • Executing difficult construction and maintenance tasks, inter alia where rope access or other unusual ways to access work areas are required.
  • Technical project management, etc.

While Vertex specialises in high-tech solutions for intricate problems, the Company is also well equipped to do mechanical, electric and control system work of a less specialised nature.


Listening to understand the client’s needs

Vertex’s major strength and competitive edge lies in its ability to hear and understand the customer’s needs, and to develop the optimal solutions for those needs. This ability is based on the skills of the company’s multi-disciplinary technical team. It is normal practice for Vertex to build an explicitly consultative relationship with our clients.

Keeping up with technological developments

At Vertex it is part of our normal routine to keep in touch with today’s and tomorrow’s technological developments, no matter how fast it moves. We are committed to ensure that our customers will always have the best solutions for the needs experienced.

Meeting quality standards

An important facet of Vertex’s work is to ensure that the customer’s quality requirements and the relevant standards are met. Precision, productivity, efficiency and safety are non-negotiables in our service delivery. In addition to any specific requirements that customers may have, Vertex operates a quality system based on ISO 9000 (1994), which is the basis of the company’s management philosophy.

Attending to maintenance

After sales maintenance is initially covered by the warranty on the following basis:

  • First line
    Client operator or supervisor
  • Second line
    Vertex trained technician either on call out basis or as per maintenance contract.
  • Third line
    Programming and/or machine repairs are done by Vertex Automation. This is mostly required to accommodate product changes or to replace certain older technology on the system with newer technology on the client’s request.
  • Backup
    Vertex will be dealing with vendors of specific equipment on behalf of the client. On expiry of the warranty, Vertex will still support the equipment, but we strongly recommend that customers enter into a long term maintenance arrangement with the company in order to ensure that the specialized equipment are well maintained at all times.


An important issue is the confidentiality of services. It is Vertex’s express policy to maintain strict confidentiality to ensure that clients’ intellectual property and trade information that we are exposed to, will be safe.


Vertex’s technical staff includes some of the country’s leading automation engineers and designers who have accumulated invaluable experience through their involvement in the design and development of automation systems.