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Vertex Automation is South Africa’s industry leader in robotic system innovation. With over 25 years of experience, we specialise in a vast amount of robotic automation solutions across several applications. Vertex Automation’s robots are designed to increase productivity and eliminate errors in manufacturing and warehouse logistics.



  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Consistent speed and quality
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Better floor space utilization
  • Improved working environment
  • Increased profitability
  • Longer working hours


Automotive, fabrication, and metal industries incorporate automated technology for welding to reduce cost, save time, and deliver better welding quality. This technology also enhances the efficient use of working space and improves the supply chain performance in end-user industries.

Today’s robotic packaging machines can do more than ever. Increase your productivity or throughput with robotic packaging machinery that case erects, packs and palletizes. Vertex Automation’s team of engineers collectively use their expertise in robotic applications to create robotic end-of-line packaging systems. We work with you to design a custom engineered solution, from concept to delivery.

In many automotive plants, robots are assembling smaller components like pumps and motors at high speeds. Often, robots are performing tasks like windshield installation and wheel mounting to increase throughput.

High consistency and repeatability make robots perfect for material handling processes, including but not limited to trimming and cutting. This could be in the form of cutting fabrics, trimming plastic mouldings and die castings or even polishing moulds.

Improve warehouse efficiency with robotic palletising. These robots streamline loading and unloading, cutting labor costs and increasing productivity. They adapt to various products and configurations, keeping your operations moving smoothly.

Robotic Pick & Place solutions offer speed and precision. Perfect for sorting, packaging, and assembly, these robots handle a wide range of tasks with accuracy. They excel in industries like electronics, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

Ultrasonic Welding robots create strong welds using high-frequency vibrations, ideal for the automotive, medical, and consumer goods industries. They deliver fast, clean welds without adhesives or fasteners, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

For rapid production, high-speed robotic systems keep your line moving. These robots are designed for quick tasks like packaging and assembly without sacrificing accuracy. Perfect for industries with high output demands.

Scara Robots offer precision in lateral movements. Ideal for assembly, sorting, and packaging, they bring speed and accuracy to compact workspaces. These robots are a fit for electronics manufacturing, automotive assembly, and more.

Collaborative Robots, or Cobots, are designed to work alongside humans. They improve productivity without compromising safety. With simple programming and flexible tooling, Cobots are a versatile addition to any team.

Articulated Robots offer flexibility with multiple joints for a wide range of motion. They’re ideal for tasks like welding, painting, and assembly. These robots are a solid choice for automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery applications.

Delta Robots excel in high-speed tasks. Their tripod design is perfect for quick pick-and-place operations, making them ideal for high-volume packaging, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

At Vertex Automation, we specialise in custom robotics built to your specifications. Whether you need specialized manufacturing or unique assembly processes, our team creates a solution that fits. Custom Robots handle any challenge with precision and efficiency.


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