Efficiency is a key concept for industrial machinery used in the production process. Workstations, cutting machines, painting machines and wood or marble processing machines need to be able to operate correctly over a long period of time. Often with high cycles, under critical conditions and when handling liquids, dust and chips from the process as well as pollutants and corrosive substances need to be managed.

The application experts at Rollon are familiar with the requirements of machine and plant construction and design every linear application for your industrial machines to the exact specifications you supply us with. For economical and functional linear technology systems, Rollon has comprehensive modular systems with diverse telescopic rails, linear guide rails, linear axis, linear systems and accessories. Rollon modifies all components for individual requirements as necessary, or develops entirely new custom solutions.

To meet the specific industrial automation tasks, increasingly individualised system solutions are required. These can often be realised very economically and reliably by a combination of linear movements, for example with the help of Cartesian robots, multi-axis gantries or a seventh axis robot platform. Rollon supplies modular automation components and the required application know-how from a single source. In co-operation with system integrators and machine builders, this results in technically and economically optimised automation solutions.



Water-jet cutting machine: Y-Z axes

Back gauge

Laser cutting machine

Water-jet cutting machine: X axis

Back gauge

Drawer extraction


A malfunction or situation that results in machine downtime can mean an immediate reduction in efficiency in the production process, thereby causing costs that the user of that plant is forced to either limit or eliminate.

For this reason, it is imperative that each piece of machinery is able to perform optimally under the conditions under which the equipment operates, and to fulfil its specific function with the highest level of continuity and reliability. Manufacturers of industrial machinery require high-performance components that can handle critical situations in terms of machining residues or contaminants. These components must also be easy to assemble and / or replace and have a very low maintenance aspect.


Wherever linear movement is necessary in production systems, Rollon is your ideal engineering, supply and service partner.

  • Automated machine doors
  • Workpiece loading and unloading systems
  • Seventh axis for robots
  • Pull-out drawers
  • Door openings for machine tools
  • Automatic tool changers
  • Movable operating elements
  • X, Y, Z-axis systems
  • Movable machine extensions and functional groups
  • Cartesian robots
  • Transfer presses
  • Pick and place systems
  • Painting, cutting and plotting systems
  • Gantry drives

With the Actuator System Line Rollon offers a modular linear technology system that provides new solutions for handling, transport and feeder systems in packaging, logistics and machine construction.


The execution of linear movements in industrial machines requires a combination of high dynamics and mechanical robustness. The modular system Speedy Rail, for custom configurable profile guide rails, combines these two characteristics and is ideal for applications such as welding or sheet cutting systems, presses and stamping machines, as well as other machines used in humid, dirty, abrasive and corrosive environments. The high-quality surface finishes of the profiles are even resistant to welding spatter. In combination with the compatible drive units, the Speedy Rail is the perfect linear axis for use in machine and plant construction.

The advantages of the Speedy Rail:

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • High load-bearing capacities (gantry constructions up to 3,000 kg)
  • Aluminium profile with hardened, anodised surface
  • Resistant to welding spatter
  • Standard lengths of up to 7,500 mm in one piece
  • Speeds of up to 15 m/s
  • Accelerations of up to 10 m/s2
  • Dust-proof, lubricant-free and quiet
  • Sliders with plastic-coated steel rollers


The concept of the seventh axis increases a robot’s range of motion. In this concept, the entire robot moves on a linear axis near the floor, wall or ceiling. The use of a seventh axis is effective, for example, if the robot has to perform tasks at different locations for better utilisation of capacities. The robot can move on a linear axis parallel to a production line in order to perform robotics operations without stopping the line.

The Seventh Axis product family from the Actuator System Line from Rollon is a shuttle system for moving robots over long distances with high dynamics. Available in seven different sizes, the system is designed for easy integration in the workplace and for moving robots with a weight of up to 2,000 kg. The modular system includes all necessary components as well as extensive accessories and is suitable for wall mounting, floor mounting and ceiling installation.


Operation of machine tools
Bending & Forming sheet metal
Feeder systems


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