In the packaging and logistics sectors, efficiency is measured in terms of productivity, reliability, performance and safety. The ability of an asset to support high-volume operations and reduced production time means immediate savings. The reliability of selected components also ensures the reduction of maintenance costs and increased plant productivity.

Rollon ensures efficiency in the Material flow and offers cost-effective solutions, modular automation systems and tailored implementation. The linear components are suitable for all applications in which dynamic processes are required, long travels must be covered or large loads are to be moved…. and fast! Based on the diverse automation portfolio of Rollon, system integrators build application-specific intralogistics systems with high dynamics and low deflection of the linear units even with a large span. Straightforward, fast and inexpensive. Portal and gantry systems as well as Cartesian pick-and-place systems that pick up and exactly position high forces and moments are a given for Rollon. Even in environments with abrasive dusts and continuous use, the linear systems achieve a long service life.



Water bundle


Opening door system


The range of Rollon actuators and linear guides offers numerous solutions for linear conveyor systems in packaging technology and logistics. Various drive systems such as belt drives, spindle drives and rack drives are used here. Belt driven linear actuators offer excellent performance in terms of load capacity, speed, acceleration and protection against contamination. They are the perfect solution for applications on pallets and loading and unloading procedures. Linear axes with spindle drive show particularly good performance in terms of precision and positioning. This makes them ideal for filling, printing and labelling applications. Finally, rack drives are particularly suitable for very long travel distances. Here, several carriages can be operated on one axis, ideal for the packaging industry.


The right solution for every task. With tailor-made handling and conveying solutions, the most diverse tasks can be mastered confidently: Shelf warehouses and high-bay warehouses

  • Automated small parts stores
  • Shuttle systems
  • Load carriers
  • Packaging systems
  • Automatic pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Automatic parts handling
  • Palletising systems
  • Picker lines
  • Special systems for material handling


The modular Actuator System Linearline axis are ideally suited for creating multi-axis systems, e.g. for packaging systems, palletizers or picker lines.

The advantages of the Actuator System Line:

  • Long service life and minimal maintenance effort
  • High dynamics
  • Extremely long Y-axes
  • Large spans

Withstands the most extreme loads: Modular telescopic rails for your intralogistics automation

The Telescopic Rail and Hegra Rail pull-outs from ROLLON are extremely robust and are designed for smooth and precise operation even under maximum loads. ROLLON offer a large variety of partial, full, overload pull-outs, and heavy duty pull-outs as well as S-profiles. The telescoping rails of the Telescopic Line:

  • have a high load-bearing capacity
  • are designed for minimal deflection
  • are self-aligning
  • are resistant to impacts and vibrations

Warehouse systems and storage towers

From heavy-load warehouses to automated pharmaceutical handling in pharmacy warehouses – based on its modular linear components, Rollon shelves and high-bay warehouses, tower warehouses and automated small parts warehouses are equipped with precisely designed heavy-duty pull-outs and covers all orders of magnitudes.

The same applies for tower systems and shuttle systems, whether in fresh food warehouses at three degrees centigrade or at summer temperatures. Starting from a simply constructed unloading and stacking system with linear guides from the Linear Line and extending to the complex material flow and handling systems with deployment of industrial robots and the Actuator Line Rollon is the optimal partner for modern industrial logistics systems.


With the so-called seventh axis concept Rollon considerably extends the work range of your industrial robot. The modular, individually designed movement systems ensure greater mobility and flexibility in automation: The robot moves on a linear axis that is close to the ground, and thus, for example can perform palletising tasks at multiple points.

The advantages with the seventh axis concept:
  • High dynamics up to 4 m/s traversing speed & acceleration
  • Transport of heavy loads over long distances
  • Easy integration of all robot types
  • Weight reduction through aluminium structure design
  • Easy installation and alignment


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