Many applications in utility vehicles would not be possible without linear technology: it enables the adjustment of seats in excavators and road rollers, facilitates the handling of stretchers and trolleys in ambulances, or gives firefighters fast access to their equipment.
For the development of customized solutions for all types of highly specialized vehicles, the disabled vehicle conversion or the use in unconventional environments, all mechanical components must be carefully selected. This applies in particular to moving parts such as telescopic rail extensions and linear rails.

Rollon’s linear technology is characterized by high load capacity, accuracy and longevity. Even under harsh conditions, the compact motion systems work reliably and precisely – ensuring mobility even in confined spaces. So in construction vehicles particularly dirt-resistant linear rails for seat adjustments, sliding doors or moving control panels are used. A backlash-free run even at maximum load is guaranteed by the extremely robust telescopic extensions. They can be found, for example, in wheelchair ramps on vans, in sliding counters or pull-out drawers of catering vehicles. They are also used in semitrailer and platform extensions on trucks and commercial trailers or for hose handling on tank trucks


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Rollon linear rails and telescopic extensions are used in numerous special vehicles because they bring with them special features for automotive applications:

  • compact design
  • high load capacity
  • long lifetime
  • easy and smooth running
  • stiffness
  • reliability
  • corrosion resistant surfaces
  • Compensation of misalignments
  • high load capacity
  • high precision

Robust linear rails for the highest demands

For special vehicles such as ambulances, commercial vehicles, fire engines, collapsible trailers or the disabled vehicle conversion industry several user requirements must be met.
The telescopic and linear rails used on these types of vehicles must withstand shock and vibration. In addition, they must work efficiently even if they are in corrosive environmental conditions, contaminated, dirty or when exposed to temperature fluctuations.


Telescoping rails are very versatile and are suitable for diverse applications:

  • Pull-out tool boxes, generators and emergency pumps in emergency vehicles
  • Pull-out platforms for fire containers
  • Semi-trailer and platform extensions on trucks
  • Door opening systems
  • Pull-out stretchers and trolleys, as well as adjustable LED monitors in ambulances and rescue vehicles

The telescoping rails of the Telescopic line

  • have a high load-bearing capacity (up to 4,000 kg per rail pair/series DMS63)
  • are designed for minimal deflection
  • are self-aligning
  • are resistant to impacts and vibrations.


Compact Rail and X-Rail linear rails for construction vehicles

The Compact Rail range is very compact and can be easily integrated into tight spaces. X-Rail linear rails are ideal for all applications that require high resistance to corrosion and a good cost-effectiveness ratio. Both the Compact Rail and the X-Rail lines feature a combination of T-rails and U-rails for compensation of parallelism errors in the mounting surface – the Compact Rail even in two planes.Linear rails from ROLLON are suitable for the following applications in construction vehicles:

  • Adjustable seats
  • Movable control panels
  • Sliding doors
  • Roof pull-outs/extensions
  • Opening systems for engine covers

The advantages of Compact Rail linear rails:

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Insensitive to dirt due to internal raceways
  • Galvanized rails and sliders (ISO 2081)
  • Permanently lubricated roller bearings
  • Very smooth operation
  • Sliders of cast aluminium and steel/ stainless steel (INOX)
  • Rail lengths from 160 mm to 3,600 mm
  • Rail widths: 18, 28, 35, 43 and 63 mm

The advantages of X-Rail linear rails:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Combination of T-rails and U-rails for fixed bearing and movable bearing applications to compensate angular misalignment in welded and fabricated assemblies
  • Rail widths of 20, 26, 30, 40 and 45 mm
  • Standard lengths of up to 3,120 mm / 4, 000mm(special lengths on request)


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